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For trucking insurance, Courtika shares the wheel

Your commercial vehicles are essential for your business. So are the goods you transport. Protect your investment and your relationships with your customers. Whether you own a single local-service vehicle or a fleet of more than 100 trucks criss-crossing North America, you can trust Courtika Insurance to provide you with insurance that matches your needs.

Insurance products for all trucking companies

If one of your trucks is seriously damaged in a traffic accident while it’s transporting perishable goods for one of your clients, you’ll need to have the vehicle repaired or replaced, get the driver back home, and cover the loss of the shipment. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may even be held liable. The right insurance contract will protect your firm against business interruption and other adverse consequences of the accident. 

Contact a Courtika specialist to help you choose the coverage you need for the trucking industry’s specific risks:

  • freight insurance, which protects your cargo shipments during loading, trucking, unloading and storage

  • commercial vehicle insurance – for example, if your company owns or leases a small number of light vehicles

  • fleet insurance for all categories and sizes of vehicles

  • car transporter insurance, if you need to deliver factory vehicles to dealerships or individuals

  • commercial liability in case of material loss or bodily injury to a third party

  • trucking insurance that covers your vehicles (tractors and trailers), the goods you transport and your civil liability in the event of an accident, a hazardous material spill, etc.

Personalized service

Our specialized commercial insurance team is attentive to your reality as a trucking companyr. They can respond to your requests and identify the specific risks your company faces. 

We frequently meet with our clients. We are accessible and we offer an emergency service in case of a disaster. For all these reasons, we can offer you the best possible personalized service.

For more information and to get a quote, contact us at Courtika today.