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The right insurance coverage for your farm business

All farm businesses, regardless of size, require substantial investment from their owners. Machinery, farmhouse, farm buildings, animals, crops and other farm products need to be protected against fire, theft, vandalism and bad weather. Each farm business is also responsible for pollution and accidents that may result from its activities.

At Courtika, we know that people like you who operate a farm business are required to deal with significant financial, political, environmental and legal pressures. You can trust our experts to recommend the ideal farm insurance to protect your investment.

What insurance coverage is required for your farm business?

If you operate a farm, you need an insurance expert who fully understands the complexity and diversity of agriculture in Quebec. Whether your farm involves hogs, cattle, grain, dairy, vegetables, maple stands, greenhouses or woodlots, Courtika’s insurance specialists can advise you on the most appropriate coverage. They will analyze your business and your sector. For example:

  • home insurance for your farmhouse

  • insurance for your farm buildings against fire, lightning, other forms of bad weather, etc.

  • animal insurance in case of injury, illness or death of your pigs, chickens and other livestock

  • civil liability insurance in case of injury or damage to a third party during a visit to your farm or an allergic reaction to one of your products

  • replacement of your farm equipment in the event of breakage and coverage of resulting operating losses

  • protection of your stocks such as fertilizers, animal feed, farm products, etc.

  • insurance against crop losses due to hail

  • civil liability insurance for pollution that may be caused by a toxic spill on your land

Specialists with a farming background

At Courtika, we believe that a specialized approach guarantees the most effective response to your needs. That's why some of our team members have farming backgrounds. This allows us to address the specific requirements of each agricultural sector, while identifying the specific risks your business faces.

Whether you operate a multi-generational family farm or a big company that distributes its products across Quebec, Canada and even abroad, you can trust our farm insurance expertise.

The Courtika advantage

Only a few insurers serve the agricultural sector in Quebec, but we deal with all of them! This allows us to offer you a wide range of products and services.

We frequently meet with our clients. We visit the sites we insure. And since we are well established in the sector, we have a good understanding of the agricultural industry’s specific challenges. 

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