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Located in the heart of an extremely dynamic commercial and industrial region, Courtika has acquired enviable experience in commercial insurance over the years. We’ve developed a unique approach that perfectly matches each of our client’s needs.

Brokers who listen to your needs

Every business has its own unique insurance needs. Businesses in sectors like retail, agriculture, construction, trucking, manufacturing, professional services or commercial real estate all need customized solutions. For example: 

  • Do you have equipment, merchandise or commercial vehicles that need to be insured against theft, fire, vandalism, bad weather or other sources of damage? 

  • Do you occupy rented commercial premises? Or do you have your own commercial building? Do you have many specialized farm buildings? Or is operating commercial buildings your primary (or secondary) business?

  • How much civil liability insurance are you legally required to carry?

  • Does your professional liability insurance cover both your employees and your subcontractors?

  • Does your current insurance contract protect you against business interruption due to a disaster of some kind?

  • Does your line of business expose you to any special risks, such as damage from handling hazardous materials, or loss or damage to imported goods in transit?

Personalized service

We analyze your reality, respond to your requests and identify the specific risks your business faces. We are always dealing with people who have placed their trust in us. We visit the premises we insure. We are accessible and offer emergency service in the event of disaster. For all these reasons, we can offer you the best possible personalized service.

The Courtika advantage

We can offer you a wide range of products and services thanks to the many insurers we deal with. Take advantage of our expertise to choose the business solution that best suits your situation and needs.

You will then be equipped to make informed choices and benefit from the advantages you are eligible for, such as:

  • an assessment of the value of your buildings based on full replacement cost
  • reimbursement for your business interruption losses due to a covered disaster
  • coverage for machinery breakdown
  • credit insurance for your accounts receivable
Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions apply to the offers listed. The information on this website is provided for information purposes only.

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